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Data Analytics Company Overview

Our customer (Data Analytics Company) ranks among the world’s top advertising and marketing organizations, serving one-fifth of the FORTUNE 500, in 96 countries. They are the leaders in brand experience across every platform and create lasting consumer connections.

Problem Statement

Data Analytics Company have a big list of clients across the globe. All of them had different data sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google. It has been very difficult for their marketing teams to aggregate this data and make some sense out of it. Hence, they were looking for a solution that should be able to track their spends & performances across all Digital Marketing Platforms.

Solution – Key Highlights

Our team built a Dashboard for real time data monitoring, which

  1. Had an effective & intuitive UI which ensures pro-active engagement from the end users.
  2. Enabled Onboarding clients & adding their social data as easy as a pie.
  3. Allowed  live data monitoring for the end customer to evaluate and iterate their campaigns on real time basis.


Phase 1 – Prototype & Design

Designed a Tile structure, while keeping the experience as pleasurable as sipping a smooth cup of coffee. The general design direction enabled a defined and engaging user experience, enticing the user to navigate gradually through the multi-level deep dives.

Phase 2 – Development  

  1. We had a data pipeline where we built a collector,  which would gather data from multiple sources in a periodic manner and push them into our database.
  2. We built reusable components that were used across all the pages and this component . Which was customizable at UI & backend both We built a chart rendering library over hi-charts,
  3. We built a single sign-on.

Phase 3 – Bringing it all together

Once we had all the reusable components in place & backend ready, it was time to put all the pieces together  


  1. All in one – the dashboard provides vital insights from various social channels, it provides a bird’s  eye view of a real time data.
  2. Role based Access – On-boarding new clients, adding new users assigning different roles while ensuring data privacy and security.  
  3. Interactive data representation – An intuitive UI which allows easy navigation through multiple level of drill downs & would ensure user engagement.  
  4. Monitoring Campaigns – it allowed the end customer to monitor live campaigns, sentiments and responses associated with it. This would also allow them to calculate the social quotient for a brand with more parameters with it.    

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